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Session Providers

Paid Sessions

Camteo is free to sign up, post a upcoming Session, receive views, create Slots and present the upcoming Session as an individual page Session. If you choose to Sell Slots, and the Attendants buy them, we charge you a small Session fee relative to the value of the selected Slot, as an introduction fee. The cost and how this fee is charged depends on the price of each Slot.
For Paid-Slots Sessions, a fee of 5% or $7.00 USD (whichever is lower) is levied at the time a Slot that has been booked. If you subsequently charge the Attendant more than the original Slot price we will also charge a fee on any overage payments.

Free Sessions

For Free projects, a small fee is levied on Provider for the VideoConference Service.

  • Work through complex design problems to create beautiful and thoughtful interactions for our marketing web platform
  • Work through complex design problems to create beautiful and thoughtful interactions for our marketing web platform

Session Attendants

Paid Sessions

Camteo is tottally FREE to sign up and Review Sessions. You can book a slot and Watch it or get Access to a Free Session anytime with no Cost. If you choose to book/buy a Paid Slot, you pay only the price of the Slot-Ticket. We don't charge you anything more e.g introduction fees. The cost and how this fee is charged depends on the price of each Slot that has been declared of the Session Provider.

Payment Processing Fees


PayPal is currently the standard for payment processing on Camteo, and its fee structure is also straightforward. The company charges a 2.9% processing fee in addition to a set rate of $.30 for each Camteo Ticket sales transaction. To transfer payments from PayPal to their bank, Providers need to provide banking information. Although there is no fee for basic transfers, which take two to three days, if a Provider prefers immediate access to funds, PayPal charges a 1% fee for instant transfers. If the Slot-Ticket sale is from an international Attendant-buyer, the percentage collected is 4.4%, and the set rate is based on the currency the buyer pays with. PayPal doesn't charge a fee to sign up for or maintain an account, and all major credit cards are accepted.18 If a Provider primarily deals with lower Slot-Ticket prices, there is another option available for them to reduce their fees. Micropayments are geared to Session Providers who typically sell Slot-Tickets for less than $12. The fee structure for this option charges a greater rate percentage-wise (5%) but has a lower flat-rate fee of $.05 per domestic transaction, and 6% plus a set rate based on a buyer's currency for international sales. Learn more 

Fees for extra Services

Find and Watch Compassionate Artists who a Virtual Leisure Slot for you

Service ID Extra Service Price
1 Posting a Project FREE
2 Featured $9.00 USD
3 First Page (per Day) $19.00 USD
4 Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) $19.00 USD
5 Provider Verification on-demand $30.00 USD
5 Social Medica Campaign Custom
6 Customer Support Custom
7 Detailed sales analytics Custom
8 Product training Custom


Yes! You can change your package at any time. Upgrades will apply immediately to all your live and drafted events, so you can take advantage of Session Provider platform capabilities. Downgrades are not possible since they have not any mean.

Yes! For Session Attndant memberships FREE Sessions are really free — we only charge you each time you buy a paid ticket. In such cases providers have no access to any personal data.

Camteo's pricing is based on your Sell/Buy Actions. Packages differ slightly based on feature availability for each region, and price tiers determined by the event's currency. Both packages are always free for free tickets. For Free Sessions and only for Session Provider there is a small fee for the VideoConference Service.

All the Users can use Camteo Payment Processing, our native payment processor that enables full access to all features in your selected package and has historically increased sales conversion. If you already have a PayPal payment processing account, you're welcome to use either of those providers as well.