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Camteo support real-time in-house education. It has all the best tools in place, with equitable access at home for all your students replicating traditional, in-person learning experience. Join Camteo for live Education Sessions. With high quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, Professors/Teachers can enable paid Virtual Educational enviroments around the globe.

Our approach to Virtual Education is all about breaking down the walls of a physical locations e.g Private/Public one-to-one or one-to-many Lessons, supporting in-house Educational Virtual Events. Camteo provides the structural base to support these virtual events establishing at the same time a unique booking-payment subsystem.

We've grouped the conferencing tools according to some key needs teachers have when setting up virtual classrooms.


Camteo synchronous virtual classrooms have the potential to provide significant added value to online learning by addressing the needs of the learners. They can also create a new standard in the learning experience that goes above and beyond the physical space of the classroom and traditional teaching methods.

Camteo structures online learning environments that allow for live interaction between the tutor and the learners as they are participating in physically learning activities (Videoconferencing,Instant messaging tool, real-time collaboration, Instant messaging tool and many more).

Camteo Private Lessons support also one-to-one active participation and engagement of Tutors-learners. It creates a positive learning environment and helps the participants achieve the expected outcomes. During the Private Lessons there should be opportunities for frequent interaction between learner and tutor, learner and other learners, and learner and content.

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Technological Core Features

Enable and Manage Consistent high-quality Educational videoConference, even in low-bandwidth environments.

Perform Sessions with Compliance and security

Record and Save locally your Lessons for sharing in Youtube channel

Use your Desktop or your Mobile and Interact via an enhanced VideoConference with one or more Tutors or be a part of Intercative Virtual Lesson

Throughout the show, you may have to mute noisy audience members. You’ll also have to shift the spotlight to different Tutor

Pay or Get Payment using your credit card instantly and be a part of a real-world Educational Virtual Lesson

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