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Camteo: your "ticket-based" VideoConferencing Platform

Camteo is a Ticket-based Video-conference platform that provides an innovative technological base and a embeded Slot booking system to enable paid Video Meetings giving Value to your Time and your Telework.

Because Telework without Payment
is a hobby...

Why Camteo ?


an innovative VideoConferencing Platform

Camteo is an innovative Ticket-based VideoConferencing platform. Its key features is that no other software or other platform is needed to enable real-world Teleworking since it integrates a peer-to-peer video conferencing structure & and a powerfull slot/payment managment subsystem

Are you Session Provider ?

use Camteo and
Get paid for your Effort

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Step 1: Create and Publish

Register you account (it is free), Create a Session, Put a price for each virtual Slot and Publish it

Start publishing

Step 2: Promote Optional

Promote your Session on Social media using embeded tools. Communicate your Session to your colleagues or to your clients or patients

Step 3: Provide the Session or Telework Encrypted

Provide your Session on time, Collaborate with Attendant(s) using our Encrypted VideoConference tools

Step 4: Get your payment

On Session Completion review your invoices and Get your payment

Are you Session Attendant ?

use Camteo and
Get valid Video Sessions

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